Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011: My Aspirations

I achieved 5.5 / 7 aspirations for the year 2010; I thought I would continue writing down the new aspirations. I learned in my Top Manager's Perspective class at Rotman - people who write down their aspirations / goals, do achieve them. So, here's to 2011:

  1. Be Fluent in Conversational Traveler's Spanish: It all started with our week-long trip to Costa Rica in November 2010. Both, Hitesh and I took a week long Surf / Spanish camp in Montezuma. Since then, I have been working on my Spanish. But, learning a language is all about conversation. My aspiration is to be fluent in Traveler's conversational Spanish, so that when I travel to South America, I can immerse myself in the culture, and interact with the locals. We stayed at a bed & breakfast in San Jose. Initially, it was hard to have a conversation with the lady, because she spoke little English, and we spoke little Spanish. But, after our week long trip to Montezuma, we came back equipped with good beginner's Spanish. I started chatting with the lady in Spanish; she beamed, and smiled. She was thrilled to have a conversation with me. I can not explain that feeling, but it was extremely gratifying to speak with her in her native language. I want to savor that feeling; I wish I were able to learn every language possible, and converse with people from around the World. My pre-intermediate Spanish lessons start from February 1st - yay!
  2. Be Less Straightforward: It is either my strength, or my weakness that I can be very direct in my conversations. Well, in my opinion, things are not left to interpretation, and people can understand each other easily. However, I find that most people can not tolerate truth, or direct answers.
  3. Listen More, Interrupt Less: Have you noticed, in a social gathering, people offer cut each other thoughts, and conversations? It appears as if there are competing to maneuver the conversations in the direction they want to chat about. I am guilty of interrupting people as well. I hope to listen more, interrupt less, and talk slow (yep! still need to work on it).
  4. Travel Much More: Theme from last year's aspirations continues. I want to make it to Yellowstone National Park, Alaska, Yosemite National Park (again!), Death Valley, South America (30-day expedition would be amazing), and India. I hope to explore coastal California more.
  5. Exercise Much More: I am a sucker for chocolates! I have changed my behavior towards a lot of bad food products except for chocolates, which are still my weakness. I do not want to say that"I will give up chocolates, because it is not realistic", but what I will say is that - I want to run 6 times a week, workout 6 times a week, have a healthy lifestyle, and have a flat stomach by the end of 2011. This is a tough aspiration; tough, but not impossible.
  6. Launch My Own Something: It is running behind schedule, but I need to step on it.
  7. Surf, Swim, and Hike more: Ah! maximize the joys of living in California.
  8. Regret less, move forward
  9. Update this blog regularly!
Happy 2011 to me!

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