Friday, December 31, 2010

2010: New Year, New Decade, New Aspirations

Earlier this year, I wrote down my aspirations for 2010. Let's see how I did:

My 7 aspirations (in no particular order) for 2010 are:

  1. Talk Slow: I think I talk really fast and sometimes loud (on the phone, when the person on the other end is also loud!).In my last two social gatherings with new people (on two different occasions), I discovered two people, who talked extremely loud, so much so that I got a headache after being in the room with them for 5 minutes. The problem is that most people think that being loud will get their point across. I had to sit far away from these two people, which is not good, because a) I did not interact with them; b) I was annoyed all the time; and c) Loudness is all I remember about them. The experience got me thinking that it must be quite annoying for others as well when I talk fast AND loud! (Needs work in 2011 as well)
  2. Learn to Surf: Hitesh and I love water sports. We took surfing lessons in Maui in December. Gosh! I have been missing all surfing fun all this time. Both of us loved it. We intend to be able to surf in Santa Cruz over Summer this year (Achieved! Watch out for another post)
  3. Learn to Swim: I know! I know...swimming, should technically, be a precursor to surfing. However, not being able to swim does not stop me from being in the water. I have taken swimming lessons thrice in my life. Something is wrong with my legs. Oh wait! I am making excuses - I, obviously, did not practice enough to be able to swim properly. Well, it changes this year and starting, January (Achieved; after 3 years of persistence)
  4. Start My Own Something: I have many-many interests and passions, which have not helped me focus my 100% attention on any particular interest. Starting this year, I am going to "start my own something". My biggest strength (that I can leverage easily) is that I am hyper-observant, and excellent at talking to people and building relationships. I have to focus my energy in meaningful interests and get on with it this year. I have gradually come to realize that owning your own something (that you are passionate about and good at), is the way to succeed (A little behind schedule, but watch out for the launch in early 2011)
  5. Become More Involved Within Non-Profit: I am a huge fan of people, who focus their attention within non-profit sector. One such non-profit, started by a friend, and based in India, is "chotti si asha", which means 'a ray of hope' in English. I blogged about Liza's efforts in 2008. I hope to be able to help Liza more with her initiative, make it sustainable, and make "chotti si asha" profitable (Yes! MBAs do think about profits) (Absolutely lagged behind)
  6. Exercise Regularly: I do exercise 3 days a week. It would be amazing to step it up to a 5-day regime. Most importantly, it will help me stay healthy and stress free (Achieved; hired a trainer, lost 10 lbs, and have changed my behavior towards a lot of bad food. I also work out very regularly.)
  7. Travel More: I have a confession - prior to traveling to Mexico, I used to think that Mexico is a dangerous place to visit. I am ashamed of my perception. I am quite open minded and do not usually have preconceived notions about anyone, or anything. I am not certain how I developed this idiotic misconception. In December 2008, Hitesh and I visited Mexico and boy! I was surprised. Mexicans are extremely friendly people. I had a fantastic time on that trip. The trip changed my point of view about Mexico. Travel, does open your mind. It makes you comfortable with the unfamiliar places and situations. Although, I already love to travel a lot, I hope to do more of it this year (Definitely achieved - traveled a lot around National Parks in California, visited London, Scotland, Pacific Rim National Park, Vancouver, Costa Rica, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas. I am thrilled with all the brilliant exposure to travel, cultures, and people)
Oh, and most importantly: invest in relationships, reconnect with friends, and speak with friends & family more often this year.
Most definitely achieved this!

I read somewhere that people, who write down their aspirations tend to achieve them than people who do not.

I plan to revisit this post at the end of 2010 and see where I am at.
Achieved 5.5 / 7. That ain't bad at all.

I hope to be more regular in 2011 with the blog posts. There is so much to write.
Happy New Year!

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That's not bad....that's bloody amazing! Good Luck for 2011!