Saturday, June 12, 2010

I Love Talking to MBAs...Well Not All, But Most of Them

I have had 100 conversations with random people in California in the last one year.

All these people hail from different professions: designers, executives, students etc. Most of them have pre-conceived notion about MBAs. Apparently, it is a crime to have an MBA degree. I am not certain how and when did MBAs develop this bad reputation, but people, instantly, get cautious while talking to us. They seem to be thinking in their heads," are an MBA"

I have even been advised to stop telling people that I am an MBA! Am I going to do that...hell No! And, may I say what a stupid suggestion?

I am proud of the fact that I have an MBA from the Rotman School of Management and I am humble about it. There is a good reason that I chose to make such an investment in myself. You, a non-MBA do not need to discredit my credentials. Keep in mind, I am not following your suite, and discrediting your, am I?

I think the caution stems from the fact, that people are ignorant. They do not know what MBAs do. They only categorize us as Type "A" personalities with pompous attitudes. Well, some of us do have those attributes, but then so do other people in other professions. MBA has got nothing to do it.

Why judge (or, rather bad mouth) someone based on their degree or profession?
Why judge anyone at all?

Instead, why don't you get to know the people better, engage them in conversations, and make an informed perception about them (if you must!)?

Back to the conversations: Out of 100 conversations, 2 conversations have really stood out. And, may I just point out that one conversation was with a Harvard graduate and the other with a Haas graduate. Don't get me wrong, other conversations was fantastic as well, but not as impressionable.

These 2 conversations were extremely structured. For example; "I want to discuss a); b); and c), "or, you should do blah, blah, and blah", "or, my suggestion would be to do this and that"," Or, tell me why do you want to do this" etc.

I was clearly impressed by the structure, clarity, and delivery in those conversations.

98 other conversations have not been as structured as these other 2.

Well, for all the "judgmental" people out there, please open your minds and learn to engage with people from all sorts of professions. Once, you have mastered that art, you will not need to be feel insecure around anyone, including MBAs.

I, thereby, am done venting out with the nonsense that I have put up with for a year!

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Kiran Bajaj Sawhney said...

Miss MBA, an award awaits you in my blog.