Thursday, October 23, 2008

Finally! Success

I have been chasing DesignWorks - Rotman's Innovation Lab initiative for more than a year now.

I wanted to intern with DesignWorks. Somehow I landed myself another job before DesignWorks posted internships at Rotman. Needless to say, I was extremely bummed.

Earlier this week, finally, after a year of expressing and re-expressing my interest many-many times, I was offered to work with them! I am thrilled to be a part of DesignWorks initiative moving forward. I start soon.

Earlier in September, we worked on a exercise in Innovation class, which asked us to take steps to discover and start our journey to the time where we see ourselves happy.

I can happily say that I am starting that discovery in the next week.

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Kiran Sawhney said...

yeah. Congratulations. You will be doing what you really want to do. Wish you all success.