Thursday, October 23, 2008

Entrepreneurship: Passion + Persistence

I admire two people for their great entrepreneur spirit:
A) Kiran Sawhney
B) Liza Chawla.

What is the common thread?
Both Liza and Kiran, in spite of their successes are very down to earth and lively people.

Kiran Sawhney
I have known her for some eleven years now. Some 11 years back, she traveled the world in pursuit of fitness certifications and fitness skills. At that time, she was beginning to explore her passion of exploring the fitness world.

Every time I visit Delhi (after a gap of two-three years), I notice a change in her clientele, her fitness studio, and her fitness approach. About two years back, I went Kiran's fitness studio - I was very impressed. The studio's layout was very energetic, bright, and happy :)

Kiran is a regular on many news/fitness channels in India.

What is so impressive about her?
Well, what has not changed over the years is her observant eye to explore opportunities and turn them into something/anything she is passionate about! Some eleven years back, Kiran recognized that fitness will revolutionize the world.

I read her blog ( yesterday and realized that Kiran has come a very impressive way from when she was a fitness novice to when she started giving group fitness lessons to being a personal (and probably the most expensive) fitness trainer to the selected few in Delhi today!

Another interesting thing about Kiran is that she has a great eye for design - she designed my wedding and reception dresses over emails! Both the dresses were very well acclaimed.

I'd be very interested to see the level to which Kiran takes her Design passion in the coming years.

Liza Chawla:
Liza and I have known each other since childhood - our families are close friends.

Liza - a very successful professional quit her very well paying job in California in 2005.
What has Liza been doing since then?
She returned to Chandigarh in India to help the street children of sector 17 get vocational training so that these children would stop begging on the streets. Liza's blog - talks about her journey.

Liza's journey reeks of patience, kindness, and acceptance. She took a long time to understand the circumstances, which make these children beg. She spent endless hours with these childen accepting their way of living and trying to get them to kick the habit of begging.

Liza was able to bring these street children to the level where the children want to go to school themselves - they want to undergo vocational training.

What is so impressive about her endeavor?
The street children of sector 17, Chandigarh picked up the vocational training's skills - the children became so good that they designed my wedding cards! Every card was hand made and unique. Each card was made by a child, who instead of begging on the streets spent his/her time utilizing their valuable skill.

Every time I opened one of the wedding cards, I could not help smiling and feeling content.

Liza recognized the opportunity to help man-kind - I bet it took a lot of courage to trust these children to make someone's wedding cards :)

In today's world, we get so engrossed in earning money that we forget to breathe. If we stretched overselves like Liza did, we'd be able to bring a smile to someone else's life the same way Liza did.

Well, this blog entry is a reminder to myself that I am fortunate to have people in my life who make this world a better place to live in: whether they do it by keeping people fit or by taking them off the streets and providing them with training does not matter.
What matters is that these people are doing good

Thank you Kiran and Liza for your entrepreneur and kind spirit.


Kiran Sawhney said...

Thanks so much. You are a star. You are the best.
But my blog name is-
he he...u mentioned it as
is my website
hota hai hota hai.

Shalu said...

Let's correct it in the bog entry in that case :)

Kiran Sawhney said...

I am so so flattered. You gave me best Diwali present.

Hemanth Potluri said...

good to read abt kiran here ...nice way to explain about ur friend :)..loved the way u took ur time to tell abt them :)...first time here ..nice posts i have seen ..keep smiling :)..


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