Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Swimming 101

Hitesh and I started swimming lessons a few weeks back.

Hitesh has never taken lessons before. Hitesh has taken three classes till date and I have taken four. The motivation to start swimming arises from the fact that Hitesh wants to start surfing in California next Summer. Also, we want to maintain an active lifestyle. Another possible inspiration for Hitesh could be - Hollister :)

Our weekly schedule includes one lesson and three practice swims. Hitesh is more motivated than I am. This realization came through when Hitesh, who could not even blow bubbles the first day and was afraid to put his head inside the water, got his swim on in the second lesson! He can do the Front Crawl from one end of the pool to another without any aids (No Kidding!)

On the other hand, I am still struggling with getting my kicking in action. And, the worse part is that I have taken these lessons before :( The good bit is that I can swim like a fish with the fins.

I must admit initially, I was not at all confident about Hitesh's swimming skills considering that he wants to start surfing within a year! Needless to say, I was very-very surprised to see him do so well.

I realized about two weeks back while watching him front crawl, that if you want something really-really bad, you will triple your efforts to move in that direction. People tell me Surfing is really hard. You need at least three years to gain expertise in it.

I guess I am married to a "triple-your-efforts" person - Surfing in 2009 might not be just a dream.

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Parminder said...

Kudos to Hitesh for his cruising swimming. You'll make a good surfer with this adventurous spirit.:)
It took me two complete summers to get to a point where my actions came close to swimming.