Saturday, June 21, 2008

Routine: Good or Evil?

Something very odd happened on Thursday, June 19. I took the day off work to go for my sister's call-to-the-bar at the Roy Thompson Hall. In simple language, she was taking oath as a Lawyer on that day.

I woke up later than my usual time, wore a nice dress, reached the venue on time and seated myself in a nice spot. An hour into the ceremony, suddenly my brain flashed a signal that I had somehow forgotten to brush my teeth! For good five minutes, I tried to recall whether I actually had forgotten, or whether my brain was playing games with me. In reality, I had definitely forgotten to brush my teeth. This was the first timer!

See what routine does to you; I am so used to waking up at 6am and getting ready for work. A little deviation from my usual routine is enough to upset it :)
Or, may be I am getting old and forgetful.

Either ways, it is quite amusing that I went for my sister's call-to-the-bar without brushing my teeth :)

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Kiran Sawhney said...

ha ha how can u forget to brush your teeth babe? It is so amusing. It is not because you are getting old. Surely that is not true and the valid reason for this. You must not have been feeling well that is why this happened.