Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Glimpse Into the Future

Early January, I visited my dentist for a semi-annual cleaning. Due to an urgent patient situation, I had to wait for over one hour, which is not the norm at my dentist's. He was so apologetic. He stressed on the fact that he had to do something for me, in spite of my several,"do not worry about it(s)". He thought I was a great candidate for a teeth whitening exercise. Not because I had yellow teeth (I swear I do not!), but because my teeth were perfect - no cavities and an infectious smile (I like to think that!).

The trainees took impressions of my dentures and made a cast. I was told that the cast should fit like a glove. I was asked to come back after a few days and when I did, I was explained how to use the teeth whitening material.

Process: Brush you teeth before whitening, put 1/3rd gel in the dentures, which are fake plastic, put the teeth whitening for 1-3 hours, clean, dry and repeat again after a day, or whenever you like.

All this sounds simple...right?

The process is extremely uncomfortable - the dentures feel as if someone has put chains in your mouth. I keep spitting every 10 minutes over the course of one hour (notice how I use the minimum suggested duration), I can not talk to anyone during that time, and I get the tingly feeling in my mouth. Also, at times, my gums get tired and I feel like I have fake teeth!

Although my teeth are getting whiter, the terrible teeth whitening user experience made me realize how life will change when I turn 75+ (if I live that long). I would need to wear fake dentures, which would be extremely uncomfortable. I would be living and breathing this horrible experience day after day...yeesh.

A far fetched flash into the future can be inspiring at times...I, now, vow to respect & appreciate my teeth, and take care of them forever till death do us apart.

On another note, I think there is nothing sexier than a woman who greets people with an infectious white smile.

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