Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Conversation To Remember

Late December, I had a very interesting conversation with Steve.

Steve and I had been trying to meet up for months. Unfortunately, we couldn't. After months of email exchange, I was finally able to put a face behind his name. Steve, is a remarkably interesting person. We chatted for 1.5 hours on varied topics - India, China, Venture Capitalism, Design, MBA, Tea...and many more things.

Apparently, Steve went to India on an exchange program about 25 years back and can still speak some Marathi and understand Hindi. Wow! He had very interesting stories to share. It is refreshing to hear someone else's point of view on India; country where I spent 21 years of my life. Of all the informational meetings, I have conducted, this particular one is quite memorable.

His most important piece of advice for my me was," Shalu, people in Northern California do not go is about the journey", which in my head translated to: The job search is not about a race to bagging the best job! It is about making an impact. The advice is such a contrast from my MBA life, which was about race to literally everything!

Thanks for sharing your perspective, Steve.

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