Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I am Going To Stop Being a Vegetarian.

I have been trying to loose weight from very stubborn body parts. Luckily, my good friend Dave Chen is a work-out freak and has helped me loose weight in the past. In my opinion, Dave should pursue 'Fitness Consultant' as an alternate profession.

I turned into a Vegetarian when I met my husband. I had been a non-vegetarian (and I loved it!) for at least 25 years and gave it up without any qualms! This statement is actually for my husband's benefit (and knowledge:))
I occasionally eat fish (if my taste buds can remember the taste!). Let's say I am semi-vegetarian. Although, most of the times I cannot enjoy meat anymore. I have tried a few times, but because I am not used to eating meat anymore, I have been unsuccessful in the past.

I have to admit that I feel healthier ever since I gave up meat. However, at times I do feel that I am missing essential proteins in my diet.

I e-mailed Dave to seek help. I am willing to go to any extent to shed some weight. Dave's first condition is that I stop being a vegetarian. Once I agreed to that demand, he sent in a list of rules:
  • Rule #1: No food after 7:30pm - eat your dinner anytime before 7:30pm.
  • Rule #2: No carbohydrates after 4pm - you are allow to have carbohydrates for breakfast and lunch.
  • Rule #3: You can only meat and some vegetables for dinner.
  • Rule #4: Control your portion of food for each setting.
  • Rule #5: Drink at least 2 liters of water a day - must keep yourself hydrated at all time.
  • Rule #6: No junk food or sweets (anything processed such as donuts, cookies, chocolate bars and etc).
  • Rule #7: Consume only whole wheat food that contains high fibers.
I think it will he hard, but I think I do need to shock my body.

It is time I trusted a professional and watch the results. Let's hope this "stop being a vegetarian" works out wonders for me.

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somya said...

# Rule #1: Difficult
# Rule #2: Tough
# Rule #3: Yummy
# Rule #4: ummmm...doable I guess
# Rule #5: Easee pesee
# Rule #6: Pure Torture
# Rule #7: Tough